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Why Every CMO Should Demand Speech Analytics

I’ve written about how impactful Speech Analytics are for a sales organization. The ability for every level of sales management to know what is being said on calls, what isn’t being said, why certain sales professionals are successful while others just can’t seem to close a deal, that is seriously good information.

Sales leaders and sales coaches should be thirsting for this information so they can work with the team and individuals to optimize tactics and techniques to close more deals.

This seems pretty obvious. Either you work with your team and train them to improve, or you weed out the worst performers and get much better at hiring naturally gifted salespeople. Of course, you could do both, and you will have attrition. Sales is not a walk in the park. It can be hard work. But what about people who are doing well, even great, but could do 10% or 20% better? This should be a key focus of every leader in your sales organization.

But who else should be interested in the data speech analytics gives you? Every single CMO and product marketing manager.

In my last job I sat with the product marketing managers. They were a very smart, analytic, and strategic group of professionals who worked hard to make sure our marketing, our language, our positioning, and our understanding of the competition was exactly what it should be.

Can you imagine how their output would be impacted by knowing what (a) salespeople said, and how they talked about our products and services, and (b) what customers are asking for, what their objections are, and how they are receiving the language your sales team is using?

This is a PMM’s (product marketing manager) dream! To be able to sift through real conversations, working with real data, instead of going based on educated guesses!

Snowfly’s Speech Analytics Delivers Data to Make Decisions

This is one of the benefits Snowfly’s Speech Analytics offers: real data to help your team make better decisions. With real data you no longer have to guess and assume, rather you can tap directly into the communication that is happening right now. You can learn what language you have given your sales team that is working, and what language seemed like a good idea but isn’t get the reaction you want.

Snowfly’s dashboard and reports allows you to easily flag key words and phrases and get statics such as how often those words and phrases are used. You can easily drill down on each use of the word or phrase and look at the transcript before and after, to get context and see how it impacted the conversation.

You can also click at any point in the transcript to listen to the actual call, giving you even more context as you listen for tonation, voice fluctuations, etc. You could listen to all of the recordings on your own, but our tools give you a simple point-and-click ability to get to exactly where you want to listen, saving you and your team hours and hours.

Speech Analytics Not Just for Sales Leaders

The sale team is in the trenches, and moving fast to have the right conversations and do the right follow up in a timely manner. The marketing team has the luxury of being more removed from the immediate needs of talking to prospects right now. That luxury gives them some buffering to research, analyze, and formulate. They have time to make sure every bit of messaging is right and reinforcing. They can test words and language and then give better direction to the sales organization.

Marketing and sales should work together to grow the business with the right customers. That’s their objective. Focus on having the right conversations with the right people, and eliminate distractions and time wasters. Marketing can do this better when they know what is being said on calls. Are their talking points and key phrases being used well? Instead of hoping, let us help you know. We’ll give you reports, summaries, and easy access to specific spots in recordings to help you refine your marketing in ways you never thought possible.

This is 2021. Why not use technology to give you the best data available to make the right decisions for your team?

Speech analytics for sales executivesReach out to us and let’s talk. We’ll show you how it works. We’ll show you why our accuracy is higher than what we’re hearing about from other providers. We’ll talk about why our uptime/availability is higher than we we hear about, and why that matters. We can’t wait to brag on what we’ve created, but more importantly, talk about how our solutions can make real, measurable differences in your organization.

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