Coronavirus got you down? Have your employees started working from home? Get a peer recognition system set up today to help increase communication, engagement and performance!


Why Employee Engagement and Incentives Software?

We love building software. But what really gets us going is helping you improve your work environment and your organization.

Since 1999, when Snowfly was founded, we have been hyperfocused on creating tools and systems to help your employees feel motivated. We want them to be proud of the work they do, and encourage and recognize others.

A motivated and happy team means increased employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction has an impact on employee performance and employee retention.

Can you hear the dollar signs in that? Satisfaction, performance, and retention each impact your top and bottom line. Happier employees usually means happier customers. Higher performing employees means more of the right work is getting done. And retention? Don’t even start us on the high cost of replacing employees!

At Snowfly our mission is to help you create a recognition and incentives system that really moves the needle. Of course, that’s only going to happen if your employees love it. That is why we build employee engagement and incentives software.

Why Snowfly Incentives Is Different

Snowfly was the first company (founded in 1999!) to combine computerized incentive rewards and analysis with gamification. Our founder, Dr. Brooks Mitchell, studied incentives and gamification and how to really increase employee satisfaction and performance, which became the foundation of Snowfly.

What makes Snowfly different? Our technology, based on principles of human behavior and motivation, is fun to use. We have custom developed games designed to engage your employees while not wasting of time. Employees of our customers tell their managers, and us, how much they love Snowfly. It works because it is fun, designed well, and the incentives really make a difference.

We continually hear about failed employee incentives programs. Those installs fail because employees just don’t like using their software. They might look great, but they don’t have the breadth or depth that employees have come to expect. At Snowfly we focus our resources on making the right tools for your employees. Our onboarding team will help you have a smooth and successful implementation. Our customer success team stays with you as your employees adopt they system.

  • Leaderboards
  • Progress Bars
  • Peer and Manager Recognition
  • Social Interaction
  • Badges
  • Gamification
  • Everything Else

We analyze behavioral patterns & trends within your organization to help you improve the productivity of every employee.