Snowfly Voice Analytics

  • Superior AQM (Automated Quality Monitoring) of 85%+

  • Ongoing training accuracy built into monthly fee

  • Month-to-Month contract allows for variable minutes to accommodate business cycle

Go Beyond Transcription

  • Latest voice analytics combined with Gamification and Engagement, and A.I. to not only transcribe calls, but to instantly analyze, evaluate, and automate scoring for each individual agent and up to every call.
  • Gives managers and individual agents real-time grades and alerts so they can:
  • Work toward goals with Gamification and Engagement
  • Smart Micro-Training / prune problem areas and improve overall performance
  • Recognize and Reward Excellence
  • Focus your resources where they matter the most:
  1. Monitor 100% of calls for sales and compliance
  2. Monitor 25%-40% of your calls for grading and analysis

Customizable for YOU!

  • Setup Automated QA and grading that fit your hardcoded solutions.
  • Setup customized alerts, reports, and thresholds for every industry
  • Snowfly provides industry templates that can be customized and expanded to meet your specific needs.
  • Managers and agents can both see their grades, transcription - as well as "hyperlinks" to exact "Events" in an interaction. This allows for instant verification, action, and more valuable training.

Financial Considerations

  • No laundry list of add-on fees to customize. Monthly rate includes Snowfly's standard customization and constant update of massive global content library for maintained industry leading accuracy
  • After the "all-in" costs Snowfly Voice is about a quarter of the cost of the big industry players with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.
  • 1500%+ ROI for sales programs
  • 150%+ ROI for compliance and grading

Voice Analytics is Snowfly's product that allows you to process and analyze the calls that your sales and customer support teams have. Sounds nosy, doesn't it?

It is, and for good reason.

The bottom line is you can only have better sales calls if you know what is in your sales calls right now. We can tell you that, down to the sales agent.

As for customer service, if you have ever had a poor customer experience and thought "I hope my team never does that!", we're with you.

This product is designed for organizations that are already monitoring and recording inbound and outbound calls. Instead of paying for trainers and coaches who can, at best, listen to a small percentage of your calls, we can provide you insight and analysis on 100% of all calls, and flag the calls that need action.

We identify trends that will help you know how to adjust your training, or with whom you need to work with. We can identify compliance issues so you can train bad practices out of your team.

Without a this level of monitoring you are just guessing at how you can get better, or how you can avoid illegal infringements. Let us be your partner to help you move the needle on sales and the customer experience.

But wait! It gets better!

Of course we designed Snowfly Voice Analytics to work seamlessly with Snowfly Incentives. Want to know how and when to recognize and reward key team members? You can set up triggers in Voice Analytics that talk to Snowfly Incentives. Your team will get used to getting immediate positive feedback for things they are doing well, which should lead to more positive actions.

Voice Analytics is powerful. The feedback loop between Snowfly Voice Analytics and Snowfly Incentives helps reinforce a culture where your employees want to work. This creates an environment where they want to be engaged. Employee satisfaction increases because they get immediate positive reinforcement. And that has a real impact on employee performance, which should result in measurable results.

What are you waiting for? Let's jump on a demo so you can see how this works.

Automated Call Monitoring

Call monitoring can be very expensive when you add in the costs of the employee, or team, that does the laborious task of listening in on calls. This very difficult and man-hour intense work has various flaws, including the fact that you will get subjective analysis, and the people listening in on calls can be distracted or zone out. And, unless you have a big team monitoring calls, you will not be able to monitor 100% of your calls.

Snowfly's Speech Analytics platform can monitor up to 100% of your calls in almost real-time. We take the audio of your calls and run them through a complex series of algorithms to determine how the call went. Was there a mini miranda? Did your agent verify an email address or credit card number? Was there a proper greeting? These are some of the things we can check for.

Then, our system delivers a score on every call we monitor. This allows you to have immediate, accurate, and objective insight into what is happening on your calls.

Are there opportunities to improve? Are there compliance issues?  You can now have real insight into what is happening and why you are getting the results you are getting.

Objective Call Assessment With Precise and Timely Reports

When you have Snowfly Speech Analytics you are no longer impacted by human error. No, we don't hate humans. But let's have them work smarter and in more value-add capacities. More on that below.

Snowfly Speech Analytics is objective... it doesn't care who the caller or agent is. It simply listens for certain words or phrases and reports back on that. It doesn't have to worry about hurt feelings or that uncomfortable moment when they make a report and then see the agent in the cafeteria. Human bias is removed and real data is delivered, which helps everyone do their job better.

As soon as Snowfly receives the recording, which can happen as soon as the call terminates, we run through our logic and algorithms to listen for key words and phrases. This near real-time analysis and reporting allows your agents, managers, supervisors, and QA to immediately identify opportunities and issues.

Was there a compliance issue on a call? You can have the right people get alerts, even text messages, almost immediately. Imagine having a team ready to help with immediate feedback, training, and direction based on real data instead of hoping that you really heard what you thought you heard, and maybe bringing it up later.

This level of actionable feedback is almost unprecedented!

What To Do With Human Call Monitors?

We believe that everyone can add value in your organization. Imagine your team who is currently doing call monitoring adjusting their workload to help identify opportunities and issues based on Snowfly Speech Analytics reports.

Now, they are making decisions and recommendations from what is really happening on the phones, instead of acting like robots hoping to catch certain things - something very difficult to do for humans. If you have ever done this type of QA you know how difficult it can be.

We propose you take your smart and talented team and help them impact your agents with the data, reports, and analysis they have access to with Snowfly Speech Analytics! They can turn into coaches or trainers, working with agents. Or, they can be more behind the scenes and design coaching or training programs based on what they are learning from these calls.

They key is to use Snowfly Speech Analytics to help your team get better. Higher sales, better customer service, less missed opportunities, and reducing risk because of compliance issues.

This is the power of Snowfly Speech Analytics.

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