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Adding to the Snowfly Speech Analytics and Snowfly Text Analytics suites is the Snowfly Video Analytics software. Our ability to take conversations that happen on video, for example, between a sales person and a prospect, and then deliver the same analytics reports that we provide from a phone call or any variation of text communication allows you to continue gather the right information to help your organizational successful.

Video conferencing was already popular, but during The Great Pandemic of 2020, it became ubiquitous. More communication has happened on video conferencing than ever before, and we expect to see a significant amount of business done over video. Snowfly can help you see what is working and what you need to fix. Adding this to your omni-analytics tools allows you to monitor this trending communication medium.

Video Analytics Enhances the Customer Experience (CX)

Anytime you can get more insight into what is happening, you have an opportunity to enhance your customer's experience while optimizing your team's outputs. As competitors improve the customer experience, your customers will expect a better customer interaction. Knowing how conversations are going, even on video, helps you know what your team is doing well that they should do more of, and what they are doing wrong that they need to change.

This insight is so valuable. With Snowfly's reporting, we can give summary level reports to executives and other leaders, more detailed reports to team leaders, and the right information to agents so everyone has actionable data. Scoring individual calls on an A-F scale helps everyone understand how they are doing, how they are trending, and where they can improve. Our word-by-word analysis helps identify even the most minute opportunities for improvement, making for a better agent and customer experience.

Video Analytics Software Influences Training Programs

When you have this level of insight your training effectiveness should see measurable improvement. The insight Snowfly Analytics gives you allows you to customize and cater your training to immediate needs, as well as exemplify what your best agents are doing. You should see results quickly as your team responds to relevant, timely training that impacts your customers on every call they have.

For example, if you find compliance issues, whether that is predatory or intimidating practices, you can immediately resolve the issue. This might be with training, coaching, or even discipline. When giving disclosures and avoiding aggressive terms and sentiments can mean hefty fines, adding Snowfly speech, text, or video analytics makes a lot of sense.

Video Analytics and Incentives and Gamification

Every feature of Snowfly is tied to our gamification and incentives features because gamification and incentives is at our core. Gamification basically means that we are fun and interesting enough that your team continues to use the program. That is so very important. There are so many gamification and incentives systems that are boring and, after 90 days, die.

Because our gamification system is based on ideas that have been hashed and refined for decades, and user engagement is a key focus, we continue to be interesting and fun even after 90 days. In fact, the average time our customers have stayed with us over six years, which is significant because any company that stays on a gamification platform for more than 90 days is noteworthy.

Adding a gamification and incentives foundation to video analytics (and voice analytics and text analytics) helps keep engagement levels up. And, it changes the focus of this tool from a disciplinary, big-brother-is-watching tool to a part of your agent's day where they can show improvements and see immediate rewards from their efforts and results. This is a big part of creating a culture where employee performance and employee satisfaction is high!

Snowfly Video Analytics

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